• The Vikings are coming


NorsemanViking age, Nordic term for the period ca 800-1050 (early middle ages). The traditional view has been that the Viking activity in the west was marked by looting, while Viking voyages eastwards was more of a trading expeditions thing. The variety of Viking ships shows that they were built to a purpose. Some used for fighting where they could board wherever they saw land, and others to carry up to 60 tonne of weight. The biggest ones could have a crew with over 100 persons. Some of the boats were row-boats only with up to 80 rowers (referred to the biggest discovered ship) while others were equipped with sail. The boats were open and they were all exposed to the mother nature. The sea was a dangerous place. The North sea that the Viking used to go to Britain could be wild with waves up to 30 meters (monster waves). Norseman is an honour to the old Vikings that spent they’re lives traveling the North Sea.