• The Vikings are coming

Nordic Warrior

Nordic WarriorBy the year of 976 there was no such thing as innocence. The Vikings haunted Europe for 250 years and they all were looking for optiones to make the Vikings go away. Oh Yes, the European people soon learned to fear the Vikings. They often prayed that the Vikings should go pass them and do their things somewhere else. Agnar had just turned 23. He was a Northern Warrior. As his Father and his father was before him. He was good in what he did! Agnar slept with his sword. He was a fearless Viking, a Northern Warrior. Agnar carried his sword day and night since the age of 12 when his father brought one home for him. A gift from one of his many crusades to Europe. Agnars life was simple. Eat,fight and sleep. He was just an ordinary man, a Northern Warrior like many others before and after him. Vikings that made history.