• The Vikings are coming

Behind the Vikings

Hawk, Hakon Aanonsen, has been in the cigar industry for over twenty years. He is the founder of SiGAR.COM which is the biggest Cigar online shop in Norway. The idea of a Viking Cigar was born in 2009, and the first design was on the paper same year.  “My plan was to make the Viking Cigars with a special metal cigar band.  This was a long and expensive process. But in 2014 we had a metal ring that was exact the way I wanted it.” says Mr. Aanonsen.
He continues: “Now, we had to find the right  manufacturer. To make a long story short.. we started working with master blender Ernesto Perez-Carrillo in 2015, and
lunched Viking Cigars at InterTabac 2016. With Ernesto P. Carrillo in the team, we know that Viking Cigars is a world-class product.”   SiGARCOM AS / Håkon Aanonsen ( Hawk ) is the owner of the Viking Brand, Norseman and Nordic Warrior.