• The Vikings are coming

Behind the Vikings

Hawk – Hakon Aanonsen has been in the cigar industry for over twenty years. He is the founder of SiGAR.COM which is the biggest Cigar online shop in Norway. The idea of a Viking Cigar was born in 2012, and the first design was on the paper same year.  My plan was to make the Viking Cigars wiht a spesial metall cigar band.  This was a long and expensive prosess. But in 2014 we had a metall ring that was exact the way I wanted it.
Now we had to find the right  manufacturer. To make a long story short.. We started working with master blender Ernesto P Carrillo in 2015, and
lunched Viking Cigars InterTabac 2016. With Ernesto P. Carrillo on the team we know that Viking Cigars is a world-class product.


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